Most Common Question on Vaping

Vaping is the new health trend and proven a boon for smokers. They do not have to face hateful eyes anymore. Thanks to the ELiquid Depot vape shop, when I switched to vaping, I was able to smoke anywhere I liked, such as non-smoking Bars, Lounges, Restaurants, Airports & even on a Plane.

One of the reasons why we have non-smoking areas today is because of the harm cigarette smoke causes to the non-smokers that are present around the smokers. Secondary smoking is also considered harmful. With vaping, there is no danger of secondary smoking. Therefore, you are free to vape even in non-smoking areas. You will be able to smoke your vape juice anytime you like and get your nicotine fix whenever you need it. It can be highly frustrating having to run out of the non-smoking areas just to get your fix. Gone are those days, enjoy your freedom to smoke anywhere you like.

Let’s look into the basics of how do vape device work. Vape device are electronic devices that are battery operated. These devices come with an automatic mechanism whereby when you inhale it will release a tiny portion of nicotine liquid which is stored in replaceable cartridges. An atomizer generates heat using the vape juice which than creates harmless water vapor that disappears in several seconds.

Vaping is smokeless. You will not need a lighter or match to light your cigarette. You will also obviously not have to look for an ashtray. The vaping kits have all the necessary items needed to get you started on vaping. When the e-juice of your device is emptied, you will have to replace it. The frequency of this depends on the frequency of the number of smokes you take per day.

Many are concerned about the safety of vaping device; you will see these question popping up frequently if vaping is a safer option?      

Yes, most certainly. Vaping is a safer option to your regular smoking. When you smoke a tobacco cigarette, it not only emits nicotine, but it also has 4000 other harmful carcinogens and chemicals that affect your body. When you use vaping, on the other hand you will not have to inhale all the harmful carcinogens. You will get just a tiny fraction of nicotine you will inhale with each puff of your tobacco cigarette. With lesser number of harmful chemicals entering your system, you are subjected to lesser health risks.

Another question which baffles many is if it is going to cost more than regular smoking. One of the most frequently asked question is, is vaping a cheaper option?

They should note it in loud voice, Yes, vaping is much cheaper when compared to your tobacco cigarette. With each refill you will get many smokes reducing the overall cost of your monthly smoking bill. It will result in 75-80% cheaper than traditional cigarettes

Coming to my personal preference, I loved switching to vaping because my teeth were turning yellowish.

Besides the other health benefits that you get through vaping, you will also save your teeth from yellowing. When you smoke tobacco, your teeth are likely to turn yellow and lead to number of dental problems. By switching to ELiquid Depot’s vape juice you will be able to save your teeth from all such problems and save on your unnecessary dental bills.